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Wetherspoon adds a vegan pizza to its menu


Wetherspoons have started selling vegan pizzas.

They’re called ‘Gourmet vegan pizza’ and are basically the same as the gourmet vegetarian pizza which was introduced at the end of September, but without the mozzarella.

The other listed toppings are mushroom, roasted peppers, courgette and onion and it costs £6.49 (the same price as the vegetarian pizza, even though it doesn’t have any cheese on it).

Wetherspoons haven’t updated their menus yet but you’ll see the vegan pizza listed if you check their app.



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Wetherspoons’ Senior Food Development Manager Matt Elsdon told Edinburgh Live:

“We listed a gourmet vegetarian pizza with roasted vegetables and mushrooms in our autumn menu change. But if you remove the cheese then the pizza is suitable for vegans, so we listed separately. It’s only just been launched and has been well received so far, so no plans to remove it.”

Having more vegan options is good news, though charging the same price as the vegetarian pizza is unfair. If they’re selling the vegan pizza for the same price as the veggie version then they should really add vegan cheese or other extra ingredients – or alternatively charge less for it.

Have you tried Wetherspoons new vegan pizza? What did you think – is it any good? Let us know in the comments.


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