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Dairy free vegan ice cream you can buy in the UK


Which are the best vegan ice creams in the UK?  Here are 12 dairy free treats that we know you’ll love.


swedish glace vegan ice cream

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Swedish Glace

Swedish Glace is a dairy free, vegan and gluten free ice cream that comes in both tub and on-a-stick form. Made with soy and available in a variety of flavours (raspberry, chocolate, vanilla and almond in tubs, strawberry and vanilla on a stick), you can buy Swedish Glace at all the major supermarkets.


booja booja vegan ice cream

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Booja-booja make luxury dairy free ice cream (and truffles) from their base in Norfolk, producing a range of six different tub flavours: chocolate salted caramel, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry ripple, caramel pecan praline and hazelnut chocolate truffle. Their chocolate salted caramel won gold in the Desserts and Puddings category at the recent 2018 FreeFrom food awards, whilst the caramel pecan praline scooped silver in the same category.

almond dream vegan ice cream

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Almond Dream

Almond Dream vegan ice cream is made, as you might expect, from almonds (well, 5% almonds anyway), with soy the other key ingredient. Gluten free as well as dairy free, Almond Dream is a smooth ice cream that comes in a variety of flavours including salted caramel, praline, vanilla, and mint chocolate chip, all widely available at major supermarkets.


valsoia vegan ice cream

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An Italian brand available in the UK only through Ocado, Valsoia ice cream comes in tubs, as vegan ice cream lollies, and in biscuit sandwich form. Made from soy, the tub flavours available from Ocado include cherry and cream and chocolate and cream, and there’s also a cashew salted caramel gelato.


perfect world vegan ice cream

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Perfect World

A dairy free ice cream which claims to be healthy for you, Perfect World is made from coconut and nuts and comes in six tubbed flavours: double choc chip, pistachio, raspberry ripple, caramel pecan, mint choc chip and sweet espresso.


coconut collaborative vegan frozen yoghurt

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Coconut Collaborative

Not strictly ice cream but a frozen yoghurt, Coconut Collaborative make their tasty desserts from, you guessed it, coconuts – coconut milk, to be precise. These dairy free ice yoghurts come in three flavours: blueberry, natural and raspberry. You can find them at most of the major supermarkets.

tesco free from vegan ice cream

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Tesco Free From Cones

Tesco’s Free From ice cream cones come in strawberry and vanilla, or toffee and vanilla varieties, and guess what? They’re entirely free from dairy, or indeed any other animal products.

marks and spencer vegan ice cream

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Marks & Spencer Made Without Dairy

M&S’s ‘Made Without Dairy’ range includes tubbed coconut cream ice cream, and they’ve reportedly just released some new vegan ice creams too: chocolate and caramel ice cream sticks, as well as chocolate and vanilla vegan ice cream cones.



northern bloc vegan strawberry yuzu

Northern Bloc

Leeds-based Northern Bloc’s vegan range includes such quirky flavours as strawberry and yuzu (I’ve no idea what yuzu is either), chocolate and orange blossom, peanut chip, and hazelnut and rose, as well as grapefruit and bergamot sorbet and raspberry and sorrel sorbet. You can pick up their ice cream and sorbet at Waitrose, Co-op and Ocado.

coconuts naturally vegan ice cream

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Coconuts Naturally

An organic ice cream available in raw chocolate, mint choc chip, rum and raisin, strawberry, coconut caramel and creamy coconut flavours, Coconuts Naturally is gluten and soya free. You can buy this smooth and rich vegan ice cream at Ocado as well as at various supermarkets throughout Cornwall and nationwide.


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Made variously from soy, almonds, coconut milk or hazelnuts and available in vanilla, coconut, hazelnut, and almond salted caramel flavours, you can pick up Alpro’s entirely plant-based ice cream at all the major supermarkets.


ben & jerry vegan ice cream

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Ben & Jerry’s Dairy Free

Ben & Jerry’s, to much excitement, released three dairy free flavours of ice cream last year – Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Peanut & Butter Cookies. Their ice cream is almond milk-based and widely available from most major supermarkets.


Do you know of any other vegan ice cream available in the UK? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Hey!
    You missed my favourite vegan ice cream bars MiiRO 🙂
    They support Veganuary and they’re a great alternative to Magnum.

  2. Coconut Collaborative makes ice cream 🙂 Most of the Perfect World ones aren’t vegan as they contain egg…I think maybe one flavour is. Also Magnums and Cornettos – so much choice

    • BlondieH

      Perfect World are all vegan, they used to contain egg but relaunched as fully vegan last year. Plus they don’t have sugar so way better for you 🙂

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