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A guide to vegan beers, ciders & ales in the UK

vegan beer


In the pub, want to buy a pint, but unsure about which standard lagers, beers, ales and ciders are vegan? This handy list tells you which popular UK pub beers are vegan, and which contain animal products like fish-derived finings, gelatine or cochineal.


Vegan Lager


Amstel – NOT VEGAN

Bavaria – VEGAN

Beck’s – VEGAN

Beck’s Vier – VEGAN

Budweiser – VEGAN

Carling – NOT VEGAN

Carlsberg – VEGAN

Carlsberg Export – VEGAN

Cobra – VEGAN

Coors Light – NOT VEGAN

Foster’s – NOT VEGAN

Grolsch – VEGAN

Heineken – VEGAN

Hoegaarden – VEGAN

Kronenbourg 1664 – NOT VEGAN

Peroni – VEGAN

Pilsner Urquell – VEGAN

San Miguel – VEGAN

Staropramen – NOT VEGAN

Stella Artois – VEGAN

Stella Artois 4% – VEGAN

Tennents – VEGAN

Tuborg – VEGAN

Tyskie – VEGAN


Vegan Beer & Ale


Abbot Ale – NOT VEGAN

Boddingtons (cask) – NOT VEGAN. Cans, bottles and keg however are VEGAN.

Courage – NOT VEGAN

Fullers London Pride (cask) – NOT VEGAN

Greene King IPA – NOT VEGAN

Guinness – VEGAN (Draught, cans and bottles)

John Smiths – NOT VEGAN

Marston Pedigree – NOT VEGAN

Newcastle Brown Ale – VEGAN

Old Speckled Hen – NOT VEGAN

Ruddles – NOT VEGAN

Samuel Smith’s – VEGAN (all except Yorkshire Stingo and cask Old Brewery Bitter)

Tetley’s – NOT VEGAN

Theakstons – NOT VEGAN (all)

(You get the idea…sadly most cask beers are not vegan.)


Vegan Cider (apple)


Aspall Suffolk Cyder – VEGAN

Blackthorn – NOT VEGAN

Bulmers (all)  РVEGAN

Magners Original – NOT VEGAN

Old Rosie – VEGAN

Scrumpy Jack – NOT VEGAN

Stella Artois Cidre – NOT VEGAN

Stowford Press – VEGAN

Strongbow – NOT VEGAN

Thatchers Gold – VEGAN

Woodpecker – NOT VEGAN


You can find out whether other beers are vegan or not at the excellent Barnivore website. This list has been compiled from information on Barnivore Рif you are in any doubt about its accuracy, please contact the brewery for confirmation.

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  1. Ruth

    Are the lagers you state as vegan cask or bottled? Cask all used to be not vegan many years ago. I’ve been vegan nearly 30 yrs and my info is a bit outdated!!

    • The vegan lagers are the bottles or draught (keg). Ales come in casks, they’re not vegan because they use isinglass (fish finings) to clear the beer.

  2. Stone Forest

    Hi, VPunk,

    Here from Hull.

    I made the decision a few weeks ago, so I’ve started asking the question when I go into a bar: “Which of your beers are not made with finings?”

    First response this evening: “None of them (it’s only fish swim bladders)”, “OK, see you later.”, “Are you serious?”, “Yeah!”

    Next bar (Chilli Devils in Hull, a tiny little bar, which has Atom ales and other Vegan acceptable ales on draught on a fairly regular basis); same opening question; response: “Have you turned Vegan?”, “Yes, a few weeks ago.”, “We have bottles of Atom (Hull, Sutton Fields), Brew Dog (dubiously acceptable, because of their taxidermy thing (My comment)), and a few ciders.”. I had a cider. Chilli Devils, which does three chilli dishes every day, one of which is ‘vegetarian’ (and usually Vegan), also hosts a Vegan evening every Wednesday. I mentioned Brass Castle to the proprietor, who expressed an interest into getting it in. More power to them. Every small step really does count.

    Ye Old Black Boy also stocks Vegan acceptable ale, cider, and lager, as does the Sailmaker’s Arms, and in between the two is Hitchcock’s vegatarian restaurant (although that is a pre-book).

    “Every journey begins from where you are standing” (Ancient Daoist saying)

    • Stone Forest

      Just to clarify, although my diet and general consumption is probably aceptable to most Vegans, I probably cannot be considered to be a ‘true’ Vegan. My (active) decision is fundamentally ecological: I seek to minimalise any detrimental impact upon the biosphere that my lifestyle may have, because that will have a future impact not only on me, but also upon future generations. Apart from the overwhelming evidence supporting the facts that a plant based diet is both healthy and environmentally sustainable, and that an animal based one is neither, the breeding and culling of animals purely for their outer coverings is bloody cruel, as is the breeding and culling of animals for the purpose of exploiting them either as pets or for leisure activities or for ‘scientific’ experimentation of dubious value. But I don’t believe that any of this makes me inherently ‘Vegan’.

      After all, I do smoke tobacco irregularly, and I do drink alcohol, although interestingly (perhaps), since I stopped being an ‘eater of the dead’, I have found that my desire for both caffeine and alcohol have diminished considerably.

      • Jeff Davies

        alcohol, per se, is not “unvegan”. It is typically the processing method that makes it not vegan (barring milk or honey or whatever very occasionally added). And that’s the problem because it is never listed on the bottle. God bless Barnivore.

  3. john andrews


    Apparently all Bateman’s bottled ales are vegan-friendly (and they taste pretty good). So too, I believe, is Fuller’s London Pride (bottled).

  4. Anne Wood

    Mumbles brewery in Swansea South Wales are vegan friendly apart from the Oystermouth stout which has oysters in it.

  5. Suzanne

    Does anyone know if Caffreys is suitable for vegans?

  6. david beirne

    It’s ridiculous that Bitter and Ales are not Vegan. What possible point can there be in introducing an animal product to a drink brewed and fermented solely from Vegetables?

  7. Julius Mach

    Watch out for the cask ales delivered by a “traditional” dray pulled by the brewery horses.

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