According to an article on the BBC website today, The National Osteoporosis Society  (who are funded by dairy company Yoplait!) thinks that dairy-free diets are a “ticking time bomb” for young people’s bone health.

The warning comes after the Society carried out a survey which found that a fifth of under-25s have cut down on or given up dairy completely.

As you can see from the various comments I received on my Facebook page, reaction to the news that dairy is vital for bone health has been one of bemusement:


bone health dairy vegan


bone health dairy vegan


bone health dairy vegan


dairy vegan bones


bone health dairy vegan


Whilst calcium is important in a diet, the idea that dairy products are necessary to provide it is entirely false. Calcium is abundant in a variety of foodstuffs, as The Vegan Society pointed out in their reaction to today’s absurd scaremongering.

As veganism grows and people become increasingly aware of the horrors of the dairy industry – where cows are repeatedly artificially inseminated, have their calves stolen from them shortly after birth, suffer painful mastitis, and are killed when their milk production levels drop – we can expect to see many more of these kinds of alarming but spurious stories in future.

Do a little digging and you are likely to find that the societies and organisations behind the stories, as in the case of  The National Osteoporosis Society, are funded by the dairy industry.

That’s because the horribly cruel industry is running scared as it knows that its days are numbered.

Reject this cruelty by going vegan – it’s good for animals, for your health, and for the planet.