HeartCure Clothing

It’s never been easier to shop for vegan clothing brands on or offline than it is in 2018.

Below are six online vegan fashion companies who employ ethics towards animals, humans and the planet. Being a conscientious consumer has never looked so good!

HeartCure Clothing – For The Change Makers, Life Savers & Earth Lovers

HeartCure Clothing

HeartCure was founded by Georgina Cook and Jordan McCusker in 2015, when both activists were in Europe promoting veganism. The duo believes that through the printing of questions and messages on their clothes, they can aim to raise questions in the minds of people who read them.

HeartCure Clothing use a local eco-friendly printers, water based inks that do not contain ozone depleting chemicals, organic fair traded materials that are shipped not flown, they are sweat shop free and their clothes and accessories are made with 100% renewable energy.

The casual clothing range comprises of t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, cotton tote bags, beanies, caps and babywear. The company recently teamed up with well known activist Ed Winters to produce a collaboration hoodie and t-shirt. Perhaps the most heartfelt part of HeartCure Clothing is that the company donates 100% of their profits to Brook Farm Sanctuary, an animal sanctuary for rescued farmed animals.


Alice Vandy – Vandy’s World

Alice Vandy

Alice Vandy is an alternative UK-based designer who creates unique, fun vegan clothing that fuses fairytale fantasy with what feels like a ‘second skin’.

Alice focuses on her signature bold prints and has a growing tribe of followers online. Alice Vandy has collaborated with My Little Pony and is due to launch her third collection of pieces with Hasbro streetwear. From Jessie J snapping up her debut collection, the designer was then asked to create an entire collection for the singer. Alice has successfully designed showpieces for The X Factor, Britain’s Next Top Model and The Clothes Show Live.

Online you will see eye-catching pieces that are not for the shy and retiring! The collections are all vegan and in testament to this, Alice Vandy won the PETA Best New Designer award in 2014.


MUD Jeans – A World Without Waste

MUD Jeans

MUD jeans are a revolutionary jeans company that won the PETA Vegan Fashion Award 2016 in The Netherlands for allowing customers to shop guilt free, do good for the animals and the environment, all whilst looking fashionable.

The brand uses a Circular Economy, which means once produced customers can lease or buy their jeans, they are then encouraged to use and return them, the jeans are Upcycled and re-sold as vintage, or recycled by being dismantled and blended with new cotton without the use of leather labels.

The company’s website acknowledges that the ‘fast fashion’ industry is harmful to animals, humans and the planet and its founder Bert Van Son is trying to revolutionise this industry one pair of jeans at a time.

Online you will see a multitude of jeans for men and for women and all are truly stylish, current, vegan and ethical.


Artisara – Shift Your Dress


Artisara is a boutique website that offers minimalist vegan dresses in classic styles that use their craftsmanship for an elegant and timeless look.

If you have been looking for cruelty-free clothing for the well-dressed woman, then Artisara is just the brand for you. The company states that they are ‘more than’ a cute vegan dress (although that’s important to them too!). They believe that the values of the company are also the values of their customers, so when you make a purchase you can rest assured that you are buying a vegan, organic and fair traded product that is handmade and environmentally friendly.

This vegan fashion company is PETA certified and donate a small percentage of every dress sold to a verified animal shelter or sanctuary.


Alien Moto

Alien Moto

Looking at a niche category of clothing now, Alien Moto are an all-vegan motorcycle company that produce clothes and accessories that are not only safe and durable, but ethical too.

The company was awarded the 2017 PETA award for their vegan motorcycle rider one and two piece protection suit. Their modus operandi is to continue to develop environmental and animal-friendly products that continue to put Alien Moto at the forefront of vegan sportswear.

Their online shop sells one or two piece street suits, racing boots, racing gloves, a supporter t-shirt  and Kevlar Jeans; which are vegan and reinforced for safer riding in casual clothing.


Article by Laura Elizabeth Tomlinson