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vegan beer


In the pub, want to buy a pint, but unsure about which standard lagers, beers, ales and ciders are vegan? This handy list tells you which popular UK pub beers are vegan, and which contain animal products like fish-derived finings, gelatine or cochineal.


Vegan Lager


Amstel – VEGAN

Bavaria – VEGAN

Beck’s – VEGAN

Beck’s Vier – VEGAN

Budweiser – VEGAN

Carling – NOT VEGAN

Carlsberg – VEGAN

Carlsberg Export – VEGAN

Cobra – VEGAN

Coors Light (UK) – NOT VEGAN

Foster’s – NOT VEGAN

Grolsch – VEGAN

Heineken – VEGAN

Hoegaarden – VEGAN

Kronenbourg 1664 – NOT VEGAN

Peroni – VEGAN

Pilsner Urquell – VEGAN

San Miguel – VEGAN

Staropramen – VEGAN

Stella Artois – VEGAN

Stella Artois 4% – VEGAN

Tennents – VEGAN

Tuborg – VEGAN

Tyskie – VEGAN


Vegan Beer & Ale


Abbot Ale – NOT VEGAN

Boddingtons (cask) – NOT VEGAN. Cans, bottles and keg however are VEGAN.

Courage – NOT VEGAN (Non-cask are VEGAN)

Fullers London Pride (cask) – NOT VEGAN (Bottles are VEGAN)

Greene King IPA – NOT VEGAN

Guinness – VEGAN (Draught, cans and bottles)

John Smiths – NOT VEGAN (Cans are VEGAN)

Marston Pedigree – NOT VEGAN

Newcastle Brown Ale – VEGAN

Old Speckled Hen – NOT VEGAN

Ruddles – NOT VEGAN

Samuel Smith’s – VEGAN (all except Yorkshire Stingo and cask Old Brewery Bitter)

Tetley’s – NOT VEGAN

Theakstons – NOT VEGAN (all)

(You get the idea…sadly most cask beers are not vegan.)


Vegan Cider (apple)


Aspall Suffolk Cyder – VEGAN

Blackthorn – NOT VEGAN

Bulmers (all)  – VEGAN

Magners Original – NOT VEGAN (Bulmer’s Berry, Bulmers Pear Cider, Magners Berry, Magners Golden Draught Cider, Magners Orchard Berries, Magners Pear Cider are however all VEGAN)

Old Rosie – VEGAN

Scrumpy Jack – NOT VEGAN

Stella Artois Apple Cidre – NOT VEGAN

Stowford Press – VEGAN

Strongbow – VEGAN but their website carries a cross contamination warning: “Strongbow Original is not made using animal derived products however there is a possibility of carryover from some of our ciders that are. Strongbow Dark Fruit, Cloudy Apple and Rosé are suitable for vegetarian/vegans.”

Thatchers Gold – VEGAN

Woodpecker – VEGAN


You can find out whether other beers are vegan or not at the excellent Barnivore website. This list has been compiled from information on Barnivore – if you are in any doubt about its accuracy, please contact the brewery for confirmation.